January, 19 - 2018

All the other news are old; just to honour the history

Explore from here: remove classic options
November, 18 - 2009

Since new version the configuration component is SPI only.

NetBeans 6.7
July, 10 - 2009

I tested Explore from Here with NetBeans 6.7 and it works. EFH Update Center works great too.

Windows Vista and future O.S.
January, 25 - 2009

Matching net.sf.efhnbm.Launcher implementation with exact O.S. name wasn't a good idea. I tested Windows Vista and, obviously, didn't work. I change the matching method using regular expression; by now all future Windows versions and Linux strange distros too should be supported.

NetBeans 6.5
November, 26 - 2008

I tested Explore from Here with NetBeans 6.5 and it works. EFH Update Center works great too.

Explore from here: A minor-MAJOR version
December, 13 - 2007

this NetBeans module add a custom action to filesystem nodes to launch an OS explorer pointing the directory referenced by the node. It can be customized specifying an implementation of net.sf.efhnbm.Launcher or a command. With NetBeans 6.0 finally out i updated the module making it compatible with the new preferences API. If you're a good old 5.x user please keep the 0.4.1 version:

A minor update: select in Linux and shortcut
January, 10 - 2007

A minor update to fix two annoyances: the shortcut is now CTRL-SHIFT-9 not to be in contrast with the UML module's "Select in Model" shortcut; in Linux it doesn't seem to be a nice way to select the file in the file manager so let's open it in the parent folder (any contribution to fix this is welcome).

Goodbye CVS
January, 09 - 2007

I've just switched sources from CVS to SVN. Finally the sourceforge migration procedure worked. You can get sources from or browse them at

Happy new year, happy new version
January, 04 - 2007

Version 0.4.0 is out. There're two new BIG features: you can choose "Explore in OS" from project node (thanks to Yong Wind Li) and you can also choose "Select in OS" (or CTRL-SHIFT-4) from any Editable/DataObject node (look at Navigate menu and Right-click "Select in" in the editor)

Another minor release
March, 10 - 2006

A little usability improvement: with this new 0.3.2 version you can automatically compose the exploring command by browsing your file system.

Hotfix for NetBeans 5.0
February, 15 - 2006

I'm sorry I missed a test with the final release. The command parameter {0} does not check for as separator so it uses / in Win32 too. Now it has been fixed with Explore from here 0.3.1.